What is the New-Age Movement? [Archive]

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What is The Collins-Miller Project’s New Age Movement?

When considering the potential of today’s generation, what are the first words that comes to mind? Self-focused? Social-media obsessed? Your thoughts might instantly shift towards bright neon colors and crazy spring break raves, selfies, yolos, hashtags, instagram- but we at The Collins-Miller Project share a different idea- one that truly holds the potential to change the world.

What if you knew that thousands of young children across the globe were striving to turn the world into a better place? From the far reaches of Asia, sailing through the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, all the way up from South to North America, children of all ages are pouring their hearts into changing the world for the better- how can we ignore this sudden increase in progressive thinking? Our job with The New Age Movement is simple- to unite all members of today’s generation through social media as they work to make the world a better place. We aspire to connect the young minds of tomorrow all across the world and prepare a generation of enlightened, kind, and thoughtful individuals who can solve problems and take action.

While the movement traditionally began with The New-Age Girl’s Club (focused particularly on promoting girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math [STEM] across the world for motivational purposes), we refuse to neglect any males or non-identifying genders and their astounding potential- they too have a full capability of changing the world! After hearing how the term “New Age Girl” was used to reference lazy teen girls, The Collins-Miller Project set out to change this term from one of apathy to one of progress- why not generalize this in our movement to all members of the generation? And not only in STEM fields!Everyone from future poets to the historians of tomorrow can help change the way we view our world- a factor vital to progress and humanitarian development.

The children of today have much to teach us, and it is about time we tune in and listen. With the voices of tomorrow straining to be heard over the noise of the crowd, ignoring the intellectuals of tomorrow  is squandering the talent of thousands. Yet while we try and teach them all we know, as always, the children of today and adults of tomorrow still have just as much to teach us.

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