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New-Age Girl’s VI Semi-Annual Newsletter

January 22nd, 2017

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 Gradie Muntu- Programming Her Way into Public Policy

Gradie Muntu isn’t any old high school student- she’s far from it! An ambassador of the international Wifillie’s group, Gradie works to reduce gender inequality in the world of computer science and IT. A dedicated coder fascinated with a world of innovative computer produces, Gradie works daily to encourage girls to pursue their dreams of becoming a computer programmer! Join Gradie in her journey to promote women in computer science from all the way across the Atlantic!


Monkeying Around: Katie’s Story 

From leading projects in primate growth and development to wolves on Wheaties boxes, Katie Hinde is an anthropology masterminded. Coming at us from Arizona State, this incredible scientist works hard to delve deep into the hormonal and chemical benefits that lie within mammalian breast milk and the public policies about women’s health that come along with it. The founder and author of March Mammal Madness, Hinde is also widely known for her evolutionary bracket game online. Join us as we learn more about Hinde’s story, and why mammals truly suck.

Hannah Herbst- A “B.E.A.C.O.N” of Hope for the World’s Energy Future (COMING SOON!)


Meet Hannah Herbst- a sophomore in high school just casually tackling easily accessible renewable energy. Winner of Discovery Education’s 3M’s Young Scientist Challenge, Herbst was America’s Top Young Scientist of 2015, and has meet to discuss renewable energy with everyone from Barack Obama to Mythbuster’s Adam Savage. But receiving acclaim for her creation of B.E.A.C.O.N. (Bringing Electricity Access to Countries Through Ocean Energy- Hannah’s award-winning energy project) isn’t all- Hannah continues to complete incredible research projects for national science fairs, all the while being dually enrolled at Florida Atlantic University, currently earning an undergraduate degree in computer science. Join Hannah as she delves deep into the world’s issues of renewable energy!

A Life of Dedication: Jillian’s Story


Since childhood, Jillian Yuricich has dreamt of becoming a NASA astronaut. Now, this winner of The Astronaut Scholarship’s Award is closer than ever to achieving her dream. Working now at Georgia Tech towards her PhD, this dedicated STEM student has seen it all. From an internship at NASA Ames to working with Google, Jillian is sky high when it comes to determination and motivation! Read on to learn more about Jillian’s incredible journey!


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The Ultimate New-Age Girl Brain Teaser

Beware! Answer the following brain teaser at your own risk! Extreme confusion may follow…unless your up to the challenge!

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Brain-Teaser: (Level: Medium) Category: Traditional-Twist:

 A lift is on the ground floor. There are 4 people in the lift including me.
When the lift reaches 1st floor, 1 person gets out 3 people get in.
The lift goes up to the second floor, 2 people get out 6 people get in.
It then goes up to the next floor up, no-one gets out but 12 people get in. Halfway up to the next floor up the lift cable snaps, it crashes to the floor. Everyone dies in the lift. How did I survive?

Citation: “The Lift.” Brain Teaser Bay. N.p., 17 June 2012. Web. 21 Jan. 2017. <;.

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