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IMG_1403-1-1_resizedMadeleine Gagne’

Co-Founder of The Collins-Miller Project, New-Age Girls Chief Editor, Chemistry and Biophysics


IMG_6462-e1452294811922-200x300Angela Miller

Co-Founder of The Collins-Miller Project

Ohio State University, Chemistry




unnamedGiulia Bassani

Aspiring Astronaut


Screenshot_2015-07-20-21-38-22-1_resizedDeepthi Thumuluri

Aspiring Engineer




main photoAlyssa Carson

Aspiring Astronaut



Screenshot_2015-10-15-23-28-00-1_resizedVictoria Vida

STEM Actress- Project MC^2 [Netflix]



Screenshot_2015-09-14-17-53-42_resizedAmanda Grace

Aspiring Astronaut



90fc02d3-f9b8-4f46-9e20-61f3336effc9Sharon Oh

CEO and Entrepreneur

Check out her LinkedIn here!


1da0b9a8-32e7-422e-a257-b301f6bff070Beth Nicholls

New-York Environmental and Biological Educator





15_ss_physics–girl_796x448Dianna Cowern

PBS’s Physics Girl


Screenshot_2016-01-16-16-23-55-1Brenna Pyatt

Aspiring Astronaut




IMG_2788Lenay Demetrious

An Artistic Scientist



Picture1Maryam Javaheri

Aspiring Astronaut



Screenshot_2015-09-28-00-15-24-1_resizedIndigo Bolandrini

World-Class Master Diver


Screenshot_2015-09-14-18-04-25-1_resizedJoalda Morancy

Aspiring Astronaut



Screenshot_2015-09-14-18-00-45_resizedJr. Astronaut Mackenzie

Aspiring Astronaut, Pilot, & Mathematics Major

The Journey of an Aspiring Astronaut




6f44b0b8-e599-4099-9619-1ce7fdf9a3fb.jpgBaheen Huzan

Computer Scientist & Programmer




STEM Educator and Engineer

Check out her LinkedIn here


Screenshot (5)Kate McKinney

Collins-Miller Project Editor, Biochemistry work on Alzheimer’s



unknownFemale123x150Kendra Gagne

Collins-Miller Project Editing Team



f0169389-f949-4986-af44-2c4ba1b088b2Sahda Haroon

Aspiring Astronaut



mom-recentBarbara Williams

Air Traffic Controller



Emma Halm

Professional Photographer



unknownFemale123x150Renee Hopper




unknownFemale123x150Kathrine Manifold




unknownFemale123x150Sonya Kennedy




unknownFemale123x150Weaam Hg Dawood




unknownFemale123x150Natalie Kalwasinski








unknownFemale123x150Savannah Bertrand




unknownFemale123x150Michelle Anderson




unknownFemale123x150Tesla Fong

Programmer and STEM Outreach


unknownFemale123x150Ariel Gluck




0e7fb738-0a24-424a-9b32-2b599a0fb415Lucy Howe




Tanya Singh



unknownFemale123x150Rebecca Bycofski



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