Jr. Astronaut Mackenzie: Future Pilot and Math Major Extraordinaire

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Mackenzie’s Story:

“My name is Mackenzie and I am 15 years old. My dream is to become an astronaut for NASA and be the first woman to set foot on the moon.

When I was 13, I happened upon a video that would change my life. The video was simple: wringing out water from a washcloth. The catch: it was filmed in space. The idea of weightlessness really caught my interest, and I spent most of that day watching more videos from the ISS. Since then, I’ve found that most things astronauts do interest me. Astronaut just seems to fit.

In early 2014, I joined Civil Air Patrol, the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary. It’s a great program that immerses teens into aerospace, leadership, and the military. The program has trained me on so many different levels making me a much better person. Through CAP, I’ve had the opportunity to fly quite a bit. Our squadron flies a Cessna 182. We use it for search and rescue missions, as well as allowing the cadets to go up for orientation flights. With the help of my followers’ donations, I have started flight lessons! I am currently working on logging hours toward my PPL (Private Pilot’s License). I hope to get my license when I turn 17. I am also working towards a math major in college.

My tip for girls (and boys) that have a similar dream to me (or for anyone with any dream) is: try to find ways to improve yourself daily. For example, join organizations or club that teach you life skills. Volunteer. Learn something everyday in school. Keep yourself busy.”

Mackenzie works hard every day to encourage a new generation of space exploration. Always ready for action, she looks forward to what the future holds. You can follow her adventures via the socials below!
Website: http://jrastronaut.org/
Twitter: @JrAstronaut
Instagram: @jr_astronaut
Facebook: Jr Astronaut Mackenzie (public figure)

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