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Meet The Staff!

Take a look behind the scenes of The Collins-Miller Project!


Madeleine Gagne’

Madeleine Gagne is the 17 year-old founder of The Collins-Miller Project and Editor and Chief of The New-Age Girls Quarter Annual Newsletter. A high school senior at Dublin Coffman High School in Ohio (USA), Gagne’ is known for her hard work on The Collins-Miller Project and her talent in the sciences. An avid public speaker, Gagne has spoken to many about the importance of environmental action, women in STEM, and education in the sciences, including the city commissioner, audiences at various public events, and even defense officials at The United States Pentagon. When she isn’t studying, Gagne’ devotes her extra time to developing new theories in chemistry, biology, and physics. Gagne’ hopes to continue studying chemistry and biophysics for many years to come at a prestigious university, and dreams of a job in defense research.




Angela Miller

Angela Miller is the Co-Founder and Project Manager of The Collins-Miller Project. Professional tutor and coordinator of the demonstration laboratory at The Ohio State University, Miller has  background in the chemical sciences and a deep love for chemistry. Talented in all things science, Miller is Gagne’s mentor, and provides insight into the organic chemistry of the project. Miller is also known to be a science consultant for The Columbus Dispatch, and has been a coordinator for many chemistry-related Ohio State events.





Kimberly Clavin

An engineer and STEM outreach coordinator for Pillar Technology, Kimberly Clavin has searved as The Collins-Miller Project’s buisness, social media, and networking consultant for the past year. Playing a large role in promoting The New-Age Girls Club, Kimberly is known around the state and country for her creativity and enthusiasm for STEM outreach. Never one to step down from a challenge, Kimberly has won many awards in the past for her work both in engineering and in education.



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Kate McKinney

Kate Hope is a high-school research student from Kentucky with a passion for STEM outreach, medicine, neuroscience, and microbiology. Known for her work with neurodegeneration in microscopic works (and its relation to Alzheimer’s), Kate is a dedicated individual who is not afraid to make the world a better place. In charge of her non-profit  Kentucky STAR Center, Kate also enjoys working at the local science museam, playing soccer, and cooking amazing food in the kitchen. Kate is currently working on learning to fly a plane, and hopes to someday work at NASA, the NSBRI, or somewhere like SpaceX. 



d011320e-9dc9-41b4-9ec5-7b0fe73a8a56Emma Halm

Known for her artistic ability and creative styles, Emma Halm is the photographer for The Collins-Miller Project. Known both for her work on The Collins-Miller Project’s opening video, the “A Set of Silver Doors” short film, and her Instagram account @welcometoemmaland, Emma brings a splash of artistic talent to the CMP social media pages and website. Check out some of Emma’s exquisite work by following her on Instagram!






8f12be1e-d4ab-458a-9cbb-360beb84b206Baheen Huzan

Baheen Huzan is one of our newest editors here at The Collins Miller Project’s New-Age Girls club!   In early June of 2016, Baheen won 2nd place at the ProjectCSGIRLS National Gala for her comprehensive air quality sensor. She is a dedicated scientist who hopes to alter how society sees women in the computer sciences. Huzan now helps out as an editor for The New-Age Girls Newsletter!

Why New-Age?

Learn more about the meaning behind our movement!


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