Exclusive STEM Celebrity Interview: Tessa McEvoy

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Without a doubt, you’ve most likely met the adorable Space Cadet on the Twitter pages of aspiring astronauts like Alyssa Carson or Astronaut Abby. A girl with tossed black hair and an adorable tie- what’s not to love? Today, meet Tessa McEvoy, the legend behind Space Cadet Wannabe. A published illustrator, entrepreneur, and science enthusiast extraordinaire, Tessa took the time to answer a couple of our questions so we could learn more about everyone’s beloved comic book astronaut-to-be!

  • What do you do and what are some of your accomplishments?

“I am an artist who loves the sciences. I originally thought I was a scientist who loved art, but I think it might be the other way around. I draw a few hours a day, but spend a lot of time reading about space and astrophysics. A lot of other science topics interest me as well. I started my space comic, Space Cadet Wannabe, last year to combine my art and my interest in space exploration. The main character, Jess, is a girl who is about 13 years old. She wants to be an astronaut and pursue her interests with a comical passion. I want to publish Space Cadet Wannabe on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I also really like illustration. I illustrated a book for my mom (also a scientist) for kids with dyslexia. If you want to check it out, it’s called Buddy: A Story for Dyslexia. We want to use the money to fund reading remediation for kids who can’t afford it. I have a few other illustration projects in the works this summer as well. I have also had an origami business since I was eight years old. I earn spending money making earrings and gift boxes. It has been a great little way to learn business skills. I won a young entrepreneurs award after my earrings were sold at The Denver Art Museum when I was 11.”


  • Why do you love what you do?

“I can’t go a day without drawing (maybe not even an hour). It just comes easily to me and it feels like grace. The sciences have always engaged me since I was little. It started with fish when I was a baby and gained interest in all things aquatic. My interests went from bugs to anatomy and finally on to space! My space interest started at about 11. I wish I could say I wanted to change the world, but really I just love science and putting it in my art. I do hope my comics are a fun way to teach kids about what is happening in the science world.”


  • What advice would you to girls with the same passion as you?

“Keep at it. Don’t be afraid to put your work or yourself out there. Don’t limit yourself because you don’t feel good enough. Just lead with your strengths. I have a speech disability. No one could understand me when I was little (for years). Art and origami got me through, and science gave me something to do when I had no one to talk to. I am still finding my way with paths in both the arts and sciences.”


Working through thick and thin, Tessa shows us how to turn a problem into a solution. Beautifully depicting the bridge between the sciences and art, there is no one better to exemplify the power of inspiration! For without artists, where would the very best creative ideas come from? As the scientific politics around our generation grow and change, we can be sure of one thing: little Space Cadet Jess and her fantastic tie will always be there right alongside of us!


To stay in the look about Tessa’s adventures, check out her socials below!

Instagram: @space_cadet_wannabe

Twitter:   @Dizbiz15


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