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Hello All!

        I’d first like to start off by saying thank you to all the incredible people who have made this project a possibility! With May 30th marking the original debut of The Collins-Miller Project in The Columbus Dispatch, I’ve can’t help but think of how crazy amazing this year has been! From our participation in The National STEM Festival in Washington DC to the launch of The New-Age Girls Project, it has been quite the roller coaster of excitement! Since many of our online events take place during the summer seasons, we are please to announce a couple of very exciting activities we have planned!

        First of all , because of the incredible donations we have had online and through the mail to help fund our non-profit services (special thanks to all our donors!), we will be opening a New-Age Girl Scholarship opportunity for anyone across the globe! While there will be more information to come, the scholarship will be essay-based!

         In addition, we have our first New-Age Girls Club anniversary coming up this July 22nd, marking the debut of our first newsletter! To celebrate this, we will have a special newsletter with bonus stories and opportunities for our readers!

        In terms of the project’s long term outlook, the official scientific paper for The Collins-Miller Project is scheduled to be published in late spring early summer of next year. While in Washington, I also had the honor to meet with the Deputy Assistant Director of The Navy’s Department of Energy, Joseph Bryan, at The Pentagon. This meeting provided me with many potential opportunities!

In addition, I would like to introduce a new friend on the CMP team! Kate Hope, a good friend of mine and a proud New-Age Girl student researcher from Kentucky will be helping me edit and produce the official New-Age Girls Newsletter. Since I only have one more year of high school before the great adventure of college, Kate will help sub-in when needed, ensuring that The Collins-Miller Project stays true to its original guarantees of effort, hard work, and creativity! You will hopefully be able to hear more about her story soon!

We thank you all once again for all your support! Let’s change the world!


Madeleine M. Gagne

Founder of The Collins-Miller Project

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