Calling all Budding Scientists!

The world is your oyster! With new mysteries and adventures to be had, it’s no wonder that all you amazing New Age Girls are up and ready to make the world a better place! But let’s face it: there are obstacles that can hold a girl back, especially if opportunities are limited. But that’s where we want to help you!

Our Plan:

This summer, we are introducing The Collins-Miller Project’s Annual New-Age Girls Research Grant! With a total value of $50.00 US dollars (coming directly from the amazing support of those community members who have helped make this scholarship a reality through their donations!), this essay-based program is designed to simulate what writing a research grant in the real world is really like! But it has an interesting twist- if more donations between the months of July and October are made to The Collins-Miller Project’s Grant, all proceeds will be directly added to the scholarship, with a maximum total value of $500 if that much is raised. All excess proceeds (if in question) will be held to fund next year’s same scholarship! If you wish to donate money directly to The Collins-Miller Project’s Annual New-Age Girls Research Grant, please e-mail us at so we can set up a safe way for you to contribute to our cause.


What you See:

As an applicant, here are a few things to keep in mind- by applying for our grant, you are guaranteed $50.00 US Dollars in cash shipped to any location around the world. While all New-Age Girls are eligible, the cash will be delivered in US Dollars, and not converted to the currency standard of your country. However, the more donations we receive to the grant’s project, the higher that value of cash will go.  For security, all applicants will be required to submit their international address, but these addresses will be completely private and not disclosed to the public.


Who is Eligible?

While our scholarship is not limited by location, it is however limited by age. The scholarship is eligible to all students who have not started a college education. Therefore, students who are in summer following their last year of high school are not eligible. All younger students from preschool (who knows, we might have a few child geniuses out there!) to rising high school seniors are eligible. Please note that if you are taking a gap year before starting college, are not attending any type of secondary education, or are enlisted in the military you are still eligible for the scholarship. This is because students, sometimes even in their freshman year of college, can be eligible for research grants. We are simply trying to provide a pre-college grant opportunity to those who need it most. As noted by the grant’s title, the scholarship is for female students with an interest in the sciences. If you do not identify as any particular gender, you too are eligible for application through minority qualifications.


How to Apply:

Selection for The Collins-Miller Project’s New-Age Girls Research Grant will be based primarily on an application essay, which should describe why you feel you best deserve the scholarship, and all that you could accomplish by receiving the grant. While the direct outline of a budget is not necessary, we want to know how this cash would be used by you to make the world a better place through STEM research or outreach. The essay has no real word maximum, but a 200 word minimum is highly recommended. The applicant should then send their essay in a PDF format to with your full name and age/ current school grade before February 29th, 2017 at 11:59 PM. All submissions after this point will not be considered, but can be re-submitted for next year’s scholarship. Scholarship winners will be announced on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages (as well as notified by e-mail) within a week of the due date. If you family makes less than an annual salary equivalent to $60,000 a year, please make a note of this in your application, as those with financial difficulties will be favored in the selection process (once again, we are trying to aid those who need it most!).

CMP’s Madeleine Gagne’ will also be holding a live 5-10 minute Q&A/Presentation on The Collins-Miller Project’s Facebook page at 2:00 Eastern Standard Time US on July 14th, 2016 to provide any more information about the scholarship. Any additional questions can be directed to . Submissions are currently open!