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This Newsletter’s Discussion!

In life, every good adventurer has an object they seemingly can’t live without! From Eleven’s Eggo Waffles (Stranger Things), Lyra’s Compass (The Golden Compass), and Hermione Granger’s time turner (Harry Potter) to Amelia Earhart’s classic Lockheed Electra, we want to know what your signature item is! Has it been with you for years? Why does it give you confidence? We want to know the story about you and your symbol! To submit an answer to this question, simply fill out the information below, and we will have it approved and posted in no time!


MMGagne: “I have this small atom necklace that I wear with me all the time! It gives me huge levels of confidence, and even when things get a little complex, it remains a constant in my life- a reminder that I am still me no matter what!”

Somebody_once_told_me: “Haha I’m a glasses wear-er so I have a very special pair of glasses I only use on stressful occasions- I love how shiny they are and how I only get to use them every once and a while.”

Dihydrogen Monoxide: “Lol it’s not much but I have this pair of lucky constellation socks that seriously make me s happy. Whenever I have a huge presentation or test at school, I wear them and it makes me feel so much better”.

StarWarsIsLife: “I once won $100 from a scratch of ticket! I kept the quarter I used to scratch it off and it remains my lucky coin to this dayyy! I even got a hole punched in it, and I sometimes wear it around my neck!!!!”

[Entire bee movie script]: “Yoooo I can get behind this. My mom gave me this necklace with a turtle on it when I was 5. Turtles always seem super calm under pressure, so I wore it the first time I went to a huge amusement part and rode a big roller coaster. After that, it worked as my good luck charm! Never fear, turtles are here!”


We would like to remind our members that the due date for our annual research scholarship has been EXTENDED to February 29th of this year (2017). For more information, see out page about it here!


Did that say semi-annual? Yes it did! The Collins-Miller Project’s New-Age Girl’s Club Newsletter team is going semi-annual so we can give you more information about current news and events involving the incredible world of women in STEM! However, you can still get your fill of incredible New-Age Girl stories during our January 22nd and July 22nd newsletters!


TedX Columbus

The Collins-Miller Project has joined the TedX family, and we are proud to present to you our first TedX Talk! Filmed on November 4th down at the Riff Center’s Joann Theater as a part of the TedX Columbus event, this performance details how The Collins-Miller Project came to be what it is today and how you can find a place for your own passion! Check out the talk below, and let us know what you think! Because from paper dreams to the Pentagon, we here at CMP have faith you all can make the world a better place in your own way!


Can You Solve This Riddle?


Two women are playing chess in a national tournament. They’ve played 5 games,  yet each have already won 3 games. How is this possible?

Send in your answer to!

Citation: “Braingle: ‘Chess Game’ Brain Teaser.” Braingle: Brain Teasers, Puzzles, Riddles, Trivia and Games. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Jan. 2017. <;.


Now Featuring: Space Cadet

By: Tessa McEvoy

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(Dedicated to Tessa’s cousin, Clair)

New-Age Girls News

We are proud to call ourselves #NewAgeGirls!

Updates! Politics! Adventures! Oh my!


Collins-Miller Project co-founder and researcher Angela Miller celebrates her b-day! Happy Birthday Angie!


Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!


Acclaimed comic artist and avid New-Age Girl Tessa McEvoy (creator of the “Space Cadet” comic celebrates her birthday! Happy birthday Tessa!


Happy Three-Kings day to our members from Latin America!


We rung in the new year with some fresh algae work! Expect the finalized paper to be finished and published this coming Spring!

Also, many of our senior members (both High School and College) finished applying to college! Congrats and good luck to all of them!


Happy Kwanzaa New-Age Girls!


Merry Christmas New-Age Girls!


Happy first day of Hanukkah New-Age Girls!


We celebrated founder Madeleine Gagne’s b-day! Happy birthday Madeleine!


We celebrated the debut of a Tedx talk by Madeleine Gagne’, which was performed live at the Riff Center’s Joann Theater on November 4, 2016 in Columbus, Ohio. You can view the talk here, as well as on our main page until later this year!

Political Note:

In relation to the current status of American politics, The Collins-Miller Project would like to stress that no members of our group will be discriminated against in any way shape or form, particularly pertaining to active issues such as race, political beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, religion,  nationality, mental health, financial situation, or any kind of disability (to name a few). If you feel you need help in any kind of situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as you find it safe to do so. We will do the absolute best to help you to the fullest extent of our ability.