“If you can dream something you can do it”: Maryam Javaheri, Future first Iranian Astronaut

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Maryam’s Story:

[Note: English is not Maryam’s first language…yet she is quite amazing at it already!]

“Hi, my name is Maryam Javaheri and I’m an aspiring astronaut from Iran. I am 13 years old, and my goal is to be the first Iranian to go to mars! I’m working hard and I’m promise that I can do it because if you can dream something you can do it. My plan is to go to join NASA in the United States when I am a little bit older, but until then I continue to pursue my dream at school and through books. I love science (especially physics) because it allows us to answer many important questions. It also lets us to explore and discover worlds around us. I’m good at physics and also math and I like biology too. I love football [soccer in America], running and doing sports. My favorite color is blue. In the future, I dream of going to California and study, training at NASA and then finally being and astronaut on the ISS, Moon and/or Mars! Unfortunately I haven’t got any awards- maybe because in Iran people don’t care as much about aspiring astronauts. But I continue to keep my dream alive and work very hard. I would tell girls around the world that it is not important what your dream is, but important that you try to make it a reality. In addition, work to achieve your goal until the end- don’t let your dreams go.”


Despite her country’s tough current political situation, Maryam continues to keep her dream of space travel alive in her books and studies. In a place where her goals and aspirations aren’t necessarily supported by everyone, or seen in a positive light, Maryam stays brave and ever optimistic for the future. Always willing to help another out, Maryam is a strong and courageous girl, and will stop at nothing to make her world and other’s a better place.


You can keep up with Maryam on her socials below:

Instagram: @astro_maryam



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