Dianna Cowern: Today’s Physics Girl; Tomorrow’s Bill Nye

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Dianna’s Story:

“My name is Dianna Cowern and I am known mainly on YouTube as Physics Girl for the education channel I started in 2012. I received my BS in physics from MIT in 2011 before doing research at the Harvard Center for Astrophysics, working on software at GE, and most recently working as an outreach coordinator in the physics department at UCSD. 


One reason I started making videos was to share my passion with my close friends and family. It is easy to entertain your family with a dance recital or a 3D-printed sculpture you made, but if your passion is physics, you cannot drag your whole family to lab and leave with excited relatives. Videos were a way to share my excitement for physics and learning. 


My daily job involves a wide variety of things from coordinating with my write and editor, filming videos, accounting, research and writing scripts, and lots of email. I get the occasional challenging physics question via email!


I started the channel with no idea of where it would take me, but I have recently signed with PBS Digital Studios. My videos have been featured on the Huffington Post, Scientific American blogs, and Slate Magazine. I now solely do science communication, but for any scientist or engineer, communication is just as important. I would advise any STEM professional or student to start communicating now, whether it’s a blog, a video, some tweets, start to communicate to the general public what you do, what you study, why you’re excited about it, and why it’s important. Science needs more champions!”


With a true passion for STEM and the natural beauty of science everywhere, Dianna Cowern is an active member of today’s online and offline science community. With over 200,000 subscribers online, Dianna posts educational videos all about the wacky side of science, and is always looking to enlighten her viewers with a insightful physics based information. Never one to back down from a challenge, Dianna is already taking they physics and science world by storm. A true new-age girl, she is always willing to go out of her way, and make the world a better place through education. Go Dianna!

You can learn more about Dianna and her adventures in physics via the links below!

Facebook: Physics Girl

Twitter: @thephysicsgirl

Instagram: @thephysicsgirl

YouTube: Physics Girl

Website: Physicsgirl.com




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