Deepthi’s Story: Leading with Confidence

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Deepthi Thumuluri: STEM Sister with a Passion

Deepthi’s Story:

“Hello! My name is Deepthi, and I will be a senior in high school. My passions include community service and STEM. I have been an active participant in FIRST robotics for the last 7 years and have greatly enjoyed every moment of it. The premise of FIRST robotics is to teach students how to work together to solve complex problems using the principles of STEM. I got involved because I always enjoyed all STEM fields and wanted to meet other students who had similar interests.


My sophomore year of high school, I met with the Director of STEM Initiatives at Dublin City Schools and we worked together to create STEM Sisters. This is a group of girls, grade 4-12, who will use each other as a support group to increase their confidence and awareness of STEM fields. This group is really a brain child and passion project of mine and something I hope continues for a long time.


My only tip for the next generation is that a smile and confidence are the keys to success. First impressions mean a lot so make sure that you do a good job of making them positive and stay genuine to yourself with a real smile.”


In addition to her sticktoitness, Deepthi has played a very big role in promoting STEM in her school district. In 2015, Thumuluri won the FRC’s First Dean’s List Finalist Award, as well as a scholarship from The Dublin Chamber of Commerce for her community service. Deepthi also plays a big role in her school’s student council. Despite her busy schedule, Thumuluri can always be seen having a blast doing announcements at the elementary and middle school robotics competitions, and is never without a smile on her face.

You can read an article about her robotics team here.

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